100% Human Hair EyeLash Extensions

Professional eyelash extensions at Dangerous Curves

If you have had a bad experience with other lash products or applications, please don't be discouraged.

We are fully certified and use only the best quality lashes and adhesive that is SAFE.

The only thing you need to worry about is how addictive Dangerous Curves lashes are.


Here at Dangerous Curves, we have been mastering the art of applying Lash It! Eye Lash Extensions for over 10 years! We are one of the first salons in Vancouver area offering semi permanent eyelashes before they were even popular!  We use only 100% sterilized human hair. unlike synthetic lashes our lashes are soft to the touch and look very natural. You will have beautiful long full lashes that will last 2 to 4 weeks, if properly taken care of; they can last 4 to 6 weeks! The eyelashes are attached to the base of your own natural lashes to give you added volume and length. Depending on the length &  colour of lash that is applied, one can achieve soft & natural using a finer hair or sexy & dramatic look using a thicker darker hair and with a variety of different lengths we can help achieve almost any look!


These lashes are completely safe and WILL NOT damage your natural lashes. As a matter of fact, we often repair the damage left from other semi permanent products, to help aid in the re-growth of new lashes. Our adhesive does not contain dangerous ingredients or formaldehyde. Mascara is NOT  required, nor is there any need for tinting; therefore those who are allergic to eyelash tinting are  perfect candidates.  Not everyone has enough natural lashes to get a full looking set with single lashes that are applied individually but with our lashes it will look like you have the best lashes you were deserved to be born with!!!


When having a new set applied, please make sure that your natural eyelashes are completely clean of any mascara, make up remover, eye creams and/or eye shadow, along with any previously applied extensions.  The cleaner and drier your natural lashes are the day of your application, the longer the extensions will last. We will provide you with  after Care Instructions so your lashes will be red carpet ready for weeks to come!


All our Lash Technicians are fully certified. Our products and application are approved by Fraser Health.  




Lash It Eye Lash Extensions are a whole new way of life but once you get use to having them,

you can't be without them! They are very addictive!  So don't say we didn't warn you!

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Care Instructions & Maintenance



When having a new set applied, please make sure that your natural eyelashes are completely clean of any mascara,

make up remover and/or eye shadow. The cleaner your natural lashes are,   the longer the extensions will last.


  • Use ONLY Oil Free Eye make up remover (around the eye area, not on extensions)

  • No mascara, these extensions do not require it.

  • Do not have hot showers with the water hitting your lashes

  • No oil based products on or near your lashes

  • Avoid rubbing, tugging, picking & touching your eyes and lashes

  • Do not use cotton pads, the fuzz will get stuck in your lashes

  • Use baby wipes or Q-Tips to clean around eye area

  • Be careful when opening the oven. Let heat escape first

  • Use a satin pillow case if you are a side or stomach sleeper

  • Be careful when pulling clothing over your head

  • Extensions have a natural curl, use curler at time of  application only.



Lash It eyelashes are 100% sterilized human hair which are permanently curled. Depending on how the lashes are applied in length and colour, one can achieve a natural or sexy, dramatic look. These lashes  are waterproof, perfect for swimmers & crying is ok.


Our natural lashes fall out at any given time so it is advised to purchase the appropriate glue and lashes after service for a quick touch up if needed, especially for those that will be travelling.


Dangerous Curves will gladly replace any lost eyelashes within (1) one week of your first application. With Lash It! you will have beautiful long full lashes that will last 2 to 4 weeks, if properly taken care of. They will NOT damage your natural lashes.


When it is time for your extensions to come off they can easily be removed. Once they start to lift they can be twisted off very gently.

Be careful NOT to pull out your natural lashes. If they have not lifted, please book an appointment & we can remove them with the appropriate adhesive remover.


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No need for eyelash curler
no more mascara

If you need to change your appointment, we do require a minimum 48-hour  cancellation  period.

If not, there is a service fee or you must forfeit a  treatment from your package if the 

appropriate amount of time is not  given.  You must call to cancel any appointments.