Our wraps replenish minerals and nutrients your body may be lacking. This is the only FULL BODY
(head to toe) detoxifying wrap on the market that you can actually see the toxins come out of your
body. Theses wraps will tighten skin, smooth cellulite, reduce double chins, trim the waist, flatten

the tummy, slim hips, thighs and arms.

First time wrap clients are always wrapped with BodyLift or SlenderTone solution.
Repeat customers please specify what solution you would like when booking.


SlenderTone ($220.00)
Our original mineral solution that has been used worldwide for over 50 years! We guarantee 10 to 30 inch loss your 1st wrap! It is great for those that feel sluggish & are due for a good cleanse. We highly recommend this wrap for those that have health concerns or a toxic overload.


BodyLift ($225.00)
Our most popular solution for 1st clients! Previously we have always wrapped 1st time clients with our signature SlenderTone only because of possible allergic reactions. Suddenly Slender has created this solution to be more effective and just as safe with much better inch loss & skin tightening results than our SlenderTone!


Lipase Wrap ($250.00)
Has been the named Fat Burning Wrap because it does just that! It penetrates much deeper to pull
out more toxins. It helps clients metabolize stubborn fat & at the same time soften hard fatty tissue.
Not recommended if you have not had a mineral wrap within a few months
Weight Loss Wrap* ($290.00)
Not officially launched yet but available for those that recently had a mineral wrap . Same process as
our other wraps but be prepared to see the scale go down a few pounds immediately or over a
course of a week. Most clients are 2.5 to 7 pounds down! This is not water weight loss
Super Sugar Buster ($275.00)
The Rolls Royce of our wraps! This wraps consists of BodyLift, Lipase, 3 times the mineral powder &
our signature Nature’s Water CelluReduce, Puffy, Skin Tight, Self Control, & Sweet Things. This is the
ultimate Detox because it pulls out waste products from 2 depths. Excellent results, handles sugar
cravings and great for beauticians & nail technicians.
Sugar Buster ($260.00)
SlenderTone with lipase, double the mineral powder with CelluReduce & Puffy
Super Skin Tight ($275.00)
This wrap is for advanced skin tightening with weight loss or after pregnancy to get your shape back
Anti-Aging Wraps ($250.00)
Aging is accelerated by the accumulation of metabolic wastes, which causes lack of energy, wrinkles,
cellulite and crepe skin. Looking younger is possible by simply freeing the body of this lifelong build
up. This solution contains rare exotic herbs that will help remove years from your apparent age and
great inch loss that does wonders for your skin! Also great for those that has lost weight.

Power Wrap ($240.00)
With this mineral body wrap, your will achieve a more toned appearance & will look and feel more
invigorated. It gives all the benefits of the Anti-Aging wrap plus a wonderful natural energy boost
and an even more dramatic visible aging reversal.
Anti Aging Face Taping ($140.00)
Face Taping is like a face lift that will dramatically create a smoother, more toned and youthful
facial appearance. It can lift the eyes, cut in cheeks, make fuller lips and smooth out wrinkles.
This includes and all natural facial peel, face taping & Anti Aging wrinkle reducing face wrap.

Once you have experienced one of our SlenderTone or BodyLift mineral wraps we can now cus-
tomize any future wrap for addition inch loss and individual imperfections.

The Flat Tummy Additive was designed to assist the body in the proper metabolism of sugar.
Sugar was intended to be an energy source, yet when we consume sugary foods we find we are
tired and logy. Remember that there is some form of sugar in almost all foods. The Flat Tummy
formula encourages the proper metabolic response to those food sugars. Energy is the first thing
noted; the second is that weight loss is focused on the middle of the body. Evidently improperly
metabolized sugar in the past was primarily added as fat from the midriff to the upper thigh area
and this is exactly where Patrons who have this additive note their major weight losses occur in
this area. When the body is burning fat it has available to it a large number of calories so appetite
is radically reduced and eating habits change for the better. We are achieving astonishing results
with both of these new additives.
The Atomic Iodine/ Kelp Additive is the signatures of 3 very bio-available iodine and iodide
materials which tend to nourish the glands. The effects reported are more energy. Moister skin,
less struggle with weight loss, smoother feet and heels, less heat or cold intolerance and an

increased ability to sleep well. We feel that everyone needs this, especially those with thyroid prob-

Nature's Waters do not overwhelm or damage delicate body elements and work wonders added
into our body wrap solutions. Used as indicated, their soothing, healthful properties go to work

quickly & efficiently. Most commonly used are CelluReduce, Skin Tight and Puffy. Your wrap tech-
nician will gladly go over which one or combo will suit you best. Nature’s Water are recommended

for purchase after a wrap for continuous & optimal results.
Choice of Nature’s Water added to wrap
Three Nature’s Waters added to wrap
Purchase for home use 8 0z bottle



Infrared Heat Therapy
We recommend all wrap clients infrared prior to their wraps because it helps with the detoxification
process plus a better inch loss! Please bring your own towel & bottle of water.
With the purchase of Body Wrap
Drop-In 30 minute session
Three 30 minute sessions
Five 30 minute sessions
Ten 30 minute sessions

Lash It! Eyelash Extensions $60

Dangerous Curves stands behind our product and service that we will gladly replace any lost eye-
lashes within one (1) week of your first application. No pulling or tugging of your eyelashes are per-
mitted and avoid all oil based products on & around your lashes. Use only oil-free make up remover

and do not use mascara over the extensions. Depending on how well you take care of your lashes de-
pends on how long they will last. We recommend you follow the maintenance card instructions to

have lasting benefits of your Lash It! Eyelash Extensions. For most clients they last 2 to 4 weeks
without ever damaging your natural lash.
ProEllixe Body Vibrations
Italy’s most sought after Fitness Program. Whole body vibration (WBV) is equivalent to an hour and a
half full body work out in just 10 minutes. It uses 97% of your muscle group where as when working
out, we can only use 40to 46% of our muscles at one time. As little as 3 times per week, you can
lose inches, increase bone density, improve circulation, and strengthen your core plus so much more!
Single session $20
20 sessions $199
One Month Unlimited $249 Limited time SPECIAL $149
Three Months Unlimited $499 Limited time SPECIAL $350

Prices do not include tax and may change without notice

Click here for VibroLight packages
Dangerous Curves is proud to introduce Europe’s most innovative technology for body contouring and
all stages of cellulite reduction! It’s one of a kind design combines the ProEllixe oscillating platform
with an integrated laser lipolysis system which also offers LED and vacuum therapy. Treatments done
once or twice a week for 4 to 8 weeks.

Viora REACTION is a new, cutting-edge radio frequency treatment for skin tightening, body contour-
ing & cellulite reduction. REACTION is a medical grade one machine that is FDA Approved for use in

the US & Canada. Dangerous Curves is proud to be the first to offer it in BC!
If you need to change your appointment, we require a minimum 48-hour cancellation period.
You will lose 50% cost of service or you must forfeit a treatment from your package if

the appropriate amount of time is not given.

* You must call 604 298 4650 to cancel your appointment *

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