We like to think of it as cheating...

You can lie about your weight but you can't lie about your pant size

 It's not a day at the spa here at Dangerous Curves but you will feel better, look better and have  lasting results.  

Our Body Wraps have been world wide for over 50 years!  Dangerous Curves mastered this technique  20 years ago.   

With so many different  types of body wraps on the market, how does anyone know which one to invest in?

Lose 10 to 30 inches guaranteed.  Check our Body Wrap page to see how and why our wraps work


Dangerous Curves has always been ahead of the game.  

If it isn't safe, natural or effective.   If you don't get results.  

If it's not the finest quality  & if it isn't the best on the market.

You won't find it here...

If you need to change your appointment, we do require a minimum 24-hour  cancellation  period for infrared, lash extensions, ProEllixe and VibroLight. 

48 hour cancellation period is mandatory for all Body Wraps and Viora Reaction treatments

If not, you will be charged a service fee or you must forfeit a treatment from your current package if the 

appropriate amount of time is not  given for the specific service.

During peak season, first time clients will be required to pay in full for body wraps 

You must call to cancel your appointments.