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Dangerous Curves

Body Wraps

All of our body wraps aid in lymphatic drainage, removing toxins, firm and tighten skin, reduce

double chins, trims the waist, flattens the abdomen, smooth the appearance of cellulite,

slims hip & thighs, tightens upper arms and helps get rid of back fat!


The newest and definitely the most popular of our solutions! Previously we have always wrapped 1st time clients using our signature SlenderTone only because of possible allergic reactions. Suddenly Slender created a new solution that is more effective and just as safe with much better inch loss & skin tightening results! We see an EXTRA 2 to 6 inches off of our BodyLift wraps compared to the SlenderTone!

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Developed more than 45 years ago for Hollywood celebrities who needed to lose inches fast, the SlenderTone™ Body Wrap is our signature, rapid inch-loss body wrap. The SlenderTone Body Wrap uses an exclusive mineral solution formulated to break down stubborn fat cells, reduce cellulite, and tighten skin while detoxifying the body. This body wrap is so effective, we guarantee that you will lose at least 10 inches  (6 inches for men) on your first body wrap!

Anti-Aging Wrap™

Aging is accelerated by the accumulation of metabolic wastes, which causes lack of energy, wrinkles, cellulite and crepe skin. Looking younger is possible by simply freeing the body of this lifelong build up. The solution contains rare and exotic herbs that will help remove years from your apparent age and great inch loss that does wonders for your skin. This reverse aging wrap improves over all skin tone and is even recommended for arthritis, injured, elderly clients, or clients in questionable health. We find this solution very effective for those with a pear shape body and or cellulite on their legs.

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Super Skin Tight™

This wrap is for advanced skin tightening with weight loss or after pregnancy to get your shape back and tighten loose skin. It consists of BodyLift & Power solution with 2 times the mineral powder and four different types of Nature’s Waters. We have seen amazing skin tightening results with clients that have been losing weight rapidly with certain diet programs. For best results we recommend daily use of Nature’s Water Skin Tight to help reap the benefits of this wrap.

Power Wrap™

This body wrap was produced with the DSWT after the Anti-Aging Body Wrap. It includes the same qualities with an addition 2 new items while kicking up a client’s energy level. Best of all, it gives you the energy to get you through your day. In fact, when the Power Wrap was in research, test subjects helped name the wrap because of the amazing energy kick! With the Power mineral body wrap, you will achieve a more toned appearance and will look and feel more invigorated. The procedure is the same for this wrap as with the SlenderTone, Anti-Aging & BodyLift mineral body wraps. You get the best results by alternating wraps and using a variety to ensure you receive the special qualities that each formula has to offer.

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Super SugarBuster™

The Rolls Royce of all our wraps! This wrap consists of BodyLift, Lipase, 3 times the mineral powder and our signature Nature’s Water CelluReduce, Puffy, Self Control & Sweet Things. This is the ultimate Detox Body Wrap because it pulls out waste products from 2 depths. Excellent results, handles sugar cravings and great for beauticians and nail technicians. Hair stylist are some of our “dirtiest” clients due to the amount of chemicals they inhale every day.

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SugarBuster ™

Is similar to the Super Sugar Buster. This wrap consists of the Slender-Tone™ solution with Lipase, double the mineral powder with CelluReduce and Puffy. We recommend this type of wrap for those who work around chemicals & environmental pollutants. This wrap works well with diabetics or those with an apple shape body type.

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The Fat Burning Wrap (Lipase)

The Lipase Wrap has been given the name Fat Burning Wrap because it does just that. It helps clients metabolize stubborn fat & at the same time soften hard fatty tissue. This wrap is applied with the same techniques but is left on for 30 minutes. You are unwrapped and then re-wrapped SlenderTone


Lipase w/ Anti-Aging, Power or BodyLift

Lipase for 30 minutes unwrapped and re-wrapped for 30 minutes with your choice of AA, Power or BodyLift. This wrap is suitable for some-one with hard fatty tissue, such as, men with beer bellies or women with thick thighs. It also works well for those who have exercised themselves into a large or small hard body that wants to improve. This is the solution we use for those that are entering body building competitions to give them the muscle tone without the dehydration.

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Suddenly Slender mineral body wraps are different. Using our proprietary all natural mineral solution, along with our exclusive certified wrapping techniques. Our wraps are hydrating, saturating and nourishing the body with healthful vitamins and minerals. And unlike the other wraps on the market, our wraps are active wraps, which means you do some light ex-ercise such as lightly working out on a glider, bouncing on a mini-trampoline and using our exclusive ExCellAerator. This helps to increase the circulation, enhance the results of the wrap. Our wraps are safe for any age!


First time wraps are always performed with SlenderTone™ or BodyLift™ solution. We recommend the BodyLift* solution and will prepare it for you unless stated otherwise. Please specify what type of solution you would like to have when booking your appointment.

Our Wrap Difference

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We are the only wrap that wraps the whole body and your face.  We have to, because if we don't, after only a few wraps, the face and body do not match, and the result could reflect a slim body, round face, or young body, old face. There is never an extra charge for including the face with each wrap!


How do I prepare for my wrap?


How and Why Our Wraps Work

Customize Your 

 Body Wrap

Once you have had a SlenderTone™ or BodyLift™ Body Wrap you can now have the Flat Tummy, Super Atomic Iodine, Pro Blends or any of the Nature’s Waters added to future wraps. Once the body starts working right, patrons notice a healthy well being. With only a few wraps, the nutrients they need now lead to a happier, healthier life. We are making a difference and you can make a bigger difference by having this necessary nutrient added to your wraps.

Flat Tummy

The Flat Tummy Additive was designed to assist the body in the proper metabolism of sugar. Sugar was intended to be an energy source, yet when we consume sugary foods we find we are tired and logy. Remember that there is some form of sugar in almost all foods. The Flat Tummy formula encourages the proper metabolic response to those food sugars. Energy is the first thing noted, the second is that weight loss is focused on the middle of the body. Evidently improperly metabolized sugar in the past was primarily added as fat from the midriff to the upper thigh area and this is exactly where Patrons who have this additive note their major weight losses occur. When the body is burning fat it has available to it a large number of calories so appetite is radically reduced and eating habits change for the better. We are achieving astonishing results with both of the above additives.

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MSM Wrap Powder

(MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane)


We have added the advantages of Naturopathic & Homeopathic technologies to our basic solutions to create our newest wrap powder for all of our Body Wraps! Whether you are young, old, healthy or un-healthy you have a continuing need for this high quality, absorbable Sulfur, so vital to healthy blood, skin and body tissue.



Not everyone knows about the miracles that have been produced using MSM. It is Miraculous for beautiful, tight and young looking skin!


MSM is one of nature's finest sources of free natural Sulfur. Sulfur is needed in the development of healthy levels of Collagen and Keratin (both responsible for firm and healthy looking skin). Collagen is needed to maintain strong connective tissue. When this natural sulfur is applied topically (as with our wrap), it appears to alter the cross-linking process of collagen and protein. This can lead to benefits such as reduction of the appearance of scar tissue. Sulfur also plays a role in maintaining the body's pH balance. MSM is highly absorbable through the skin and can be effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Insta-Pecs Wrap Technique

What are Insta-pecs?

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Insta-Pecs is a Suddenly Slender Mineral Body Wrap technique for creating the body builder look on average bodies or helping the professional body builder to achieve the appearance of a highly sculpted look. Insta-Pecs is a simple, healthful, all natural method of wrapping the soft tissue from a man's upper stomach area up into the chest area creating a "pec" effect. Expert handling and molding allows for the soft tissue to be pooled up over the top of the wrap bandages to help compact and reposition it on the torso. A more aesthetic ratio of distribution on the torso occurs by compacting the soft tissue and achieving a flatter looking abdomen while augmenting the upper pectoral region.

In other words, through Insta-Pecs you can immediately improve the appearance of the chest, forming it into a more striking shape while decreasing the stomach's appearance. An additional improved look is achieved on a man's body sculpture by applying the wrap on the inner side of the ribs (on the soft tissue) on both sides. This creates a flattened, more tapered set of dimensions, which increases the body builder look if you don't already have it. If you've already achieved a great physique, you'll definitely improve it.

Insta-Pecs is not only for the pectoral region, as you may have suspected. You can accent the appearance of muscle groups all over the body with this technique; create a six pack look, define the muscle above the knee, upper arms, laterals, biceps, triceps, calves, etc. Defining and highlighting the look of the major muscle groups is only part of the total benefit package available through the Insta-Pecs technique. As Victoria Morton very aptly puts it, "Every body builder I've ever wrapped needed their waist line to look smaller and their skin to look tight-ened. Often, the body is in pretty good shape but the face looks rounded. We wrap the face to make the cheeks look slimmer and the skin tighten, so the face and body match." Women body builders also love this technique. They can achieve the muscle looking cuts and definition they want, without losing their bust lines. Professional body builders enjoy this sculptured looking technique as they do not have to dehydrate themselves to get the "cut" look for the show. The day after a competition they usually blow up like balloons, as the body replenishes the water. When they are professionally wrapped for the definition look, using the Insta-Pecs method, there is no need to resort to dehydration. We are reducing the appearance of depth of the tissue AROUND the muscle so that it stands out more. In the case of the abdominals (six-pack) you are reducing the look of soft tissue between and over the distinct muscle masses, adding definition. Legs, arms, back and front gain definition through the process, with special accent on those parts or features of the body singled out for contrast and emphasis.

Super Atomic Iodine/Kelp


How many billions of dollars are spent on creams to help dry skin, exfoliating creams for rough heels and feet, dry hair treatments, tummy tucks, liposuction, brittle nail products, fertility treatments, hair repair lotions, weight loss products, mood elevators, sleep aids and permanent makeup to regain full eyebrows?


One serious deficiency is the very specific lack of the materials we use to get from the ocean. The ocean has been very badly treated and sea life does not give us what it used to provide. We are also being warned not to eat seafood because of possible mercury contamination which just makes the problem worse.


A few decades ago we got a lot of our iodine and iodides in baked goods, bread, rolls, cookies, cakes, etc. Iodine was always added to flour as an anti-caking agent. So every time you had a sandwich, ate a cookie or had toast you were feeding your thyroid. Some official decided we were getting too much iodine (we weren't) and ordered that bromide be used instead. OK, bromine did work as an anti-caking agent but has no positive effect for the body. The problem is that the iodine deficient thyroid gland will accept bromide, which does nothing for the thyroid.

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The tired, overweight woman goes to her doctor and describes her symptoms: "Doctor, I have no energy, I don't sleep well and I just can't seem to lose weight." She probably won't mention her dry skin, rough feet or her thinning outer eyebrows. The doctor does a thyroid test and tells her that her thyroid is fine and that she should stick to a diet. The tests cannot distinguish between thyroid and bromide, so unless the thyroid was in seriously bad shape the deficiency doesn’t read on tests.


There are multi-millions of people with hypothyroidism out there. Those who have been tested are told 'no problem' and the rest have no idea what their problem really is. But they do have the symptoms, scant outer eyebrows, poor sleep, low or no energy, dry skin, irritability, fertility problems, rough heels, rapid weight gain and slow or no weight loss.


When Suddenly Slender added the qualities of potent, bio-available iodine and pure kelp to their solution, they started reversing this problem with their patrons. They now report that they have energy, sleep well and are thrilled with their skin. They are calm and can handle life comfortably without excessive amounts of caffeine or drugs. The bonus is that they can now lose weight WITHOUT EFFORT. They come in and say "I don't know why I'm down 3 pounds, I didn't do anything different."

All that has happened is that the thyroid, the master gland, is properly nourished. The thyroid 'feeds' the other glands. If you are on estrogen, have hypoglycaemia or diabetes the odds are very great that the culprit is the low producing thyroid. Sadly enough synthetic estrogen further harms the thyroid.


Once you have had a SlenderTone™ or BodyLift Body Wrap you can now have the Super Atomic Iodine or any of the Nature’s Waters added to future wraps. Once the body starts working right, patrons notice a healthy well being. With only a few wraps, the nutrients they need now lead to a happier, healthier life. We are making a difference and you can make a bigger difference by having this necessary nutrient added to your wraps.